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About Us

About Us


A UK based Gospel 24/7 station that brings you the best gospel music around the world. Tune in to the Station on the hill.

Our Top Shows


1. Start the week with Jesus

2. Commanding your day

3. African Praise

4. Gospel Afrobeats

5. Be inspired with Shoggy Tosh

Our Goals


MZ Radio is a PPL-licensed online radio station streaming Gospel and inspirational music, as well as a broad range of Christian preaching, teaching, motivational programmes by notable ministries and our own presenters, to the UK and across the internet.    

We have a mandate to propagate the gospel, On the whole, our desire is to give hope, faith and love to every person in the world by positively enthusing their spirit-man with entertainment that is edifying and inspirational. Our belief in the full gospel, and in the salvation of man’s physical body, mind and spirit, serve as basis for these.     

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MZ Radio London

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